10 4 / 2012

It was only a matter of time. In the fine foodie tradition of the San Francisco Meat Map, and perhaps as a logical next step from the gangs and cupcakes map, comes the ultimate San Francisco cupcake map:

The folks at Cups and Cakes bakery created this map by with edible tiles based on Maptiles from Stamen Design and data from Open Street Map.

(via SFist)

26 8 / 2011

Because you always need to know which gang’s territory you’re visiting when you go to the bakery.

Or something. But seriously.

MissionLocal provides this map of bakeries in the Mission and gang territories. It doesn’t exactly map (pun intended) with the story about gang violence that follows it. In fact, there’s barely any mention of the bakeries in the story.

The map, it seems, is a total nonsequiter. The headline, for one, is misleading, in that the map shows bakeries as well as cupcakeries. And it’s questionable whether these two items—bakeries and gang territories—have much relevance to one another.

The connection is tenuous at best, but hey, it is nicely designed.

(h/t Noah)