23 4 / 2012

This heat map of walk scores in San Francisco and the East Bay comes via Slate’s recent series on walking in America.

According to Walk Score, San Francisco is the second most walkable city in America (always playing second fiddle to New York, we are). Our most walkable neighborhood is Chinatown, with a Walk Score of 99/100, and many eastern and northern neighborhoods in the city score almost as high.

Perhaps most surprising on this map is that large green pocket of walkability up in Marin, around downtown San Rafael. It’s a Walk Score of 63, so compared with Chinatown, not too walkable, but enough to merit a green spot on the heat map.

Find your Walk Score here.

14 9 / 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Most people use Uber in the downtown and SOMA neighborhoods. Who would have thought?

Good thing there’s a map to tell us.

(via the Uber blog)